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At Funcats, we’ve been committed to customer satisfaction since the moment we opened in 1975.  Originally the business was started to provide midweek Sail Training Classes for school children, but the popularity of our catamarans took off with the public, and in no time we had moved to opening 7 days a week.

Over many years the business grew in size and popularity to the point where it has become the largest catamaran hire business in Australia. It is not uncommon to have the entire fleet of 40 catamarans sailing on the Swan River right in front of the City. 

Today Funcats has evolved into a true Watersports business with Catamarans, Stand Up Paddle Boards and Kayaks. Our customers include Locals, Visitors, Parties, School and Corporate groups.

Funcats really has something for everyone and all are welcome!


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This crusty old sailor has been involved in boating his whole life. As a child his family were involved in water skiing, so he learnt to ski at age 5, and by 9 years of age he was already barefoot skiing. He went on to represent Western Australia 5 times, held a state record for ski jumping, and won a silver medal at a national championship in Slalom skiing.

His love of sailing came through his ownership of a catamaran business in Albany, which he owned for five years as a 21 year old. 

In his twenties he was a footballer with both Claremont and Swan Districts. A series of injuries led him to a career in Physiotherapy. He and his wife Jane owned a successful practice in


Albany for twelve years before the lure of sailing returned.

In 2011 Andrew and Jane purchased a cruising catamaran in La Rochelle,  France, and sailed it back to Australia. Sixteen countries, including Spain, Portugal, Antigua, Aruba, Panama, French Polynesia and the Cook Islands. Andrew claims that if people are suffering insomnia he has the cure, just ask him about his travels!!


Andrew LOVES boats and will go out of his way to help people love them too….but be warned if you mistreat his boats he will tell you!

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Rob has worked at Funcats since 2012 and in that time has helped thousands of people enjoy a day out on the Swan River.


What most people won't know is that he is also a qualified pharmacist, who can still be found working regular shifts at Brentwood pharmacy. He chooses to work shifts at Funcats because he loves it, and it shows in his enthusiasm and dedication to helping our guests.


As a sailor Rob has logged in excess of 4000 nautical miles. He has sailed through the Caribbean Sea, Panama, French Polynesia, Tonga, The Cook Islands and New Caledonia. He is also a regular participant in our weekly social racing programme, which keeps him on top of his urge to go sailing!


Rob, like all of our staff, is happy to share his knowledge and experience…..just ask him!

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If you have ever visited Funcats you will almost certainly have met Jane. She handles all of the bookings and allocation of boats, boards and kayaks.


Like everyone at Funcats Jane is a boatie.  She has personally owned four yachts, and has logged over 4000 nautical miles of ocean sailing, including a Pacific Crossing!


Even though Jane is full time at Funcats she is still a registered physiotherapist, and has been since 1992. For twelve years Jane and her husband Andrew owned a successful physiotherapy practice in Albany. Such was the lure of sailing they eventually sold their practice to buy Funcats in 2012.


When we let her escape from behind the desk you can often find her paddle boarding or blasting around the river on a Hobie Wave catamaran.


It is widely accepted by our staff that handling the booking desk is the toughest job at Funcats. Jane handles this difficult, stressful, job with a smile, so please be nice to her...she deserves it!

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Meet Sally, another of our awesome staff members, who has worked at Funcats for eight seasons. 


In her time with us she has helped introduce thousands of people to the joy of watersports, and she does it with a smile. She has helped us by providing one-to-one instruction for our structured Paddle Board lessons. That said, Paddle Boarding isn’t her only role, she is just as comfortable teaching Sailing and Kayaking. There’s every chance you might see also her out running around assisting people in one of our rescue dinghies!


Away from work Sally is a former state representative tennis player, and still plays for Royal King’s Park Tennis Club in the State League. She is also working hard at completing a degree in Physiotherapy at Curtin University!

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Answers You Need

Do you have a question? Looking for more information about the rental process, the services we offer, or the brands we carry? Check out our list of frequently asked questions below for some quick answers. If you still have something on your mind, please reach out to a member of our team. We’ll be more than happy to get you the answers you need.

Do I need to book before I come to Funcats?

For anything less than 3 catamarans there is no need for you to book. Even if all of our catamarans are being hired we have on average around 10 catamarans returning to the beach every 15 minutes. For the kayaks and stand up paddleboards we recommend booking online as we do not have as many of these craft. Book online here

Is there parking available at Funcats?

Just behind us is a large car park. Parking is $2 per hour up to a maximum of $8 per day. During the Summer School Holidays free parking is provided on the grassed area off Coode Street. We do urge hirers to avoid leaving valuables in their car. If you do not have someone to look after your gear we can safely store it for you.

How many people can I take on a catamaran?

Our catamarans are licensed for 3 or 4 people in total, depending on which boat you choose. Going beyond this number is a breach of our licence agreement. However, it is possible to swap people on and off the beach as many times as you would like.

Do I have to stay in one area or can I sail wherever I like?

Our staff will advise you on the day as to where it is best to sail. This changes from day to day with changes in wind direction and strength. What is most important is that you listen carefully to staff regarding areas of the river to avoid, and do all you can to stay within our sailing boundaries. Our sailing area is designed to make it easier for us to assist you in an emergency. Our sailing areas are devised to keep you and your crew safe.

Do I have to pay per person or just for the boat?

All of our rates are for the hire of the boat. The catamarans are licensed to carry 3 or 4 people at a time and we have no issue with you swapping people on and off the beach.

If I want to learn more and start racing can I do this at funcats.

Funcats has regular race nights throughout the season. We have races for both individuals and pairs. Ask our staff about racing at Funcats, without the hassle of owning your own catamaran.

Do I need to wear a life jacket?

Life jackets are supplied free with every hire. It is compulsory for every person to wear a life jacket whenever they are using one of our hire craft. To assist with this we have easy to fit life jackets for both adults and children.

Do I need experience sailing before I can take one of the catamarans out?

No experience is required. We will have you out sailing after a few minutes of easy to understand tuition.

Do I need a boating licence to take one of the boats out?

No licence is required to take any of our boats out. Within minutes you will be enjoying your day on the beautiful Swan River.

How do I know if the conditions are okay for me to enjoy a day’s sailing at Funcats?

For first time sailors we suggest that the perfect wind speed is anywhere from 8 knots to 14 knots, especially if you are taking children out with you. In the range between 15 knots and 23 knots the catamarans become quite powerful and the risk of capsize increases. Beyond 24 knots of wind speed we are generally thinking about suspending sailing, or restricting the area of sailing to a part of the river protected from the wind . To assist you, click here to visit the Seabreeze Website, and scroll down and view "Melville Water Live Wind Report". If you are still unsure just give us a call on 0408 926 003

At what age is it safe to take children on a catamaran?

5 years of age is the youngest age we will allow children on the catamarans. If you wish to take young children on a catamaran we suggest that you discuss this with us on the day. Factors such as sailing experience of the person in charge of the catamaran and the conditions on the day very much influence the advice we give to hirers.

Do you sell Stand Up Paddle Boards?

Yes we do! We now stock a range of Red PaddleCo Stand Up Paddle Boards which are available for hire and purchase. Our team can help you find the exact boards to suit your height, weight, fitness level and specific requirements eg: where you want to paddle, how fast etc. Visit our Shop for more information

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit and debit cards, and cash.

Do you offer Gift Vouchers?

Yes we do! You can purchase a gift voucher through our website or pick one up at Funcats in South Perth

Is there a minimum age for the boats?

Yes, the minimum age for a person to be on our catamaran boats is 5 years of age. This is part of our licence agreement and is therefore a requirement we must uphold.

Our Team

The People Behind Our Business

Great service begins with great people. Our staff has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to rentals.

We’re a team of dedicated professionals with a genuine desire to ensure that your experience with us is easy, convenient, and satisfying. Learn more about the people on our all-star team below.




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