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School Sailing Program

Experience Funcats Watersports


Funcats Watersports has been providing School sailing programmes since 1975. The business was in fact set up specifically to provide this service.

We provide a professional and highly enjoyable sailing programme for Schools. We are able to cater for whatever your needs may be, from whole term tuition, to single day programmes, and everything in between.


We have progressed from a sail training school to include both kayaks and stand up paddle boards. Having paddle craft gives us the ability to keep sailing students active on days where we have no wind. They are also available 12 months of the year to be used for specific paddling classes


Our site is arguably the best in Australia for learn to sail programmes. Our area of operation is speed limited to 8 knots and the water depth is very shallow, so it is quite rare for us to be sharing the water with other river users. On most occasions the prevailing winds blow across our site, so we are able to ensure that when the time comes to head everyone home we can do this with little fuss, and have students back on the bus in good time.

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Not only does adventurous education impact on children's personal and social development, learning new skills, confidence-building and raised self-esteem, but it also creates opportunities for children to learn about their natural environment.

Sailing Teacher School

Why Choose Funcats?


Over 45 years of experience

Funcats currently works with 14 schools in WA


All safety equipment provided

Safety equipment including life jackets will be provided and every child is required to wear one whilst sailing

Certified Sailing Instructors

Our staff have formal instructor qualifications with Sailing Australia.

Instructor qualifications

  • Working With Children's Check

  • Senior First Aid Certificate

  • Skipper Ticket

  • Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation


We provide a professional and highly enjoyable sailing programme for Schools. We are able to cater for whatever your needs may be, from whole term tuition to single-day programmes, and everything in between.

Students will:

  • Learn to work with others

  • Learn a new and fun skill that they will keep for life

  • Develop self-confidence 

  • Learn practical safety skills in and around water

Our program teaches students:

  • The names of the major parts of a sailing boat

  • How to Rig & prepare a boat

  • Basic boat handling skills

  • How to skipper

  • Tacking and gybing

  • Leave and return to the shore

  • Safety on the water

  • Adjusting the shape of the sail

  • Best angle to the wind

  • Going upwind and downwind

  • Sail around a set course

What we teach


Are the children sailing on their own?

Children will be sailing in a team of typically 2-3 students. We have qualified sailing instructors who give a thorough lesson as well as on-water training where they coach from a dinghy.

What age is suitable for the sailing program?

Our sailing programs are often a part of a school's outdoor education programs which means that the ages of students is typically between 14-17 (Year 9-12).

What should the children wear whilst sailing?

Students are welcome to wear what is comfortable and is in line with the school's policies. The students will get wet whilst sailing, so a change of clothes and a towel is strongly advised. 

Do we need to bring any equipment?

Funcats provides all necessary sailing equipment including life jackets and all necessary safety equipment.

What happens if it is bad weather?

We'll get on the water as much as possible, but the safety of the students is our number one priority

During storms, we do not allow anyone out on the water as it is unsafe., On very windy days we discuss with teachers about whether they would prefer to swap to a land-based teaching session. 

Who will be instructing the children?

Our passionate sailing instructors are qualified and have completed formal instructor qualifications with Sailing Australia. WE also make it mandatory for every instructor to have their current Senior First aid certificate, working with children's check, police clearance and and Skipper Ticket boating licence.

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