The Ride Range

The most popular inflatable

paddleboard in the world! It can

be used by almost any rider for

any purpose. If you’re new to

paddle boarding or looking for

a board for all the family, then

the 10’6” Ride is the one we’d

tell you to get. It’s already the

world’s most popular inflatable

SUP and continues to win

numerous SUP industry and

consumer awards. Such success

is due to the unrivalled quality,

durability and innovation of all

Red Paddle Co boards, but also

the versatility of the 10’6” Ride.

For an inflatable paddle board that offers super stability and performance, look no further than our 10’8″ Ride. With all the same qualities as our other Ride boards, you’ll appreciate the extra stability that comes from its increased volume, especially if you are a slightly larger rider or have a passenger on board.

Made from our exclusive MSL material, at 4.7”/120mm thick, this board provides increased stiffness at lower pressure, making it 40% stiffer than a standard 4”/100mm board. The rounded tail makes the board easy to manoeuvre, so it’s also a great beginner board too. Perhaps the biggest advantage of having an extra stable board is that you can easily carry a small passenger on board, which is why our 10’8″ Ride is such a hit with family paddlers and those with furry friends. As with all Red Paddle Co boards, you’ll have peace of mind that your board is super durable with superior stiffness, made for any watery adventure you can throw at it.

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Twin ifins

All boards in the Ride range are now integrated with two super durable, flexible ifins, making the boards straighter and faster to paddle than a three fin set-up. The ifins also provide increased agility and performance in the surf and make the board easier to pack down into its bag.


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